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Gau Dhama

Remember the olden days where there were no boundaries, fresh air, beaming sunshine and greenery all around? ‘Screen time’ or ‘stress’ or ‘pollution’ did not exist in our vocabulary. Can we go back to those Golden Days?

Introducing GauDhama, an enchanting land where we have recreated the experience of the good old Golden Days. Located convenienty at 12ks from Hebbri and 32 kms from Moodabidri, GauDhama is spread across 27 acres of farmland dedicated to native Indian breeds like Gir, Kankrej, Sahiwal, Tarpakar, Rathi, Punganur, Khillari & Deoni. Our cows enjoy free roaming and superior quality care, guided by our founder Mr. Ramakrishna Achar. His vision in creating Gau Dhama is remind all of us that Life can be simple, and a simple life can be magnificent!


Happy People




Experience Cow Cuddling, a well recognized therapeutic concept to calm a stressed mind. Leave your troubles behind as you embrace the unconditional love of Gau Matha


Discover your inner peace amidst cosmic energies of the reverent cow. Breathe in the freshest of oxygen exhaled by over 60 medicinal plants in our Nagabana at Gaudhama.


The newest investment opportunity that is financially sound & sustainable to our planet. Gain the best of traditional and modern knowledge of farming & cow rearing by the experts at Gaudhama.


In an attempt to remind people of true quality & health, Gau Dhama has launched its first product – A2 Gir Cow Ghee in its purest form which is immunity boosting and heart healthy.


To worship Gau Matha is to worship all the Gods in the Cosmos, for they all reside within the divine cow. Celebrate your faith or milestone with a Gau Puja dedicated to  Gau Matha.

Breeds of Cows

Currently, ‘Gau Dhama’ is home to 5 breeds of cows, each with its own distinctive characteristics and value.

Meditation & Greenery

Gau Dhama is home to a large variety of vegetation that is nurtured carefully every day.

What we Love about Gaudhama !

Visit Gau Dhama for a truly immersive experience and watch yourself emerge a little more calmer, peaceful and filled with bliss.

Beautiful place with the idea to protect and serve the indigenous breed of cattle.

Vittala Bhat

The staff here are very friendly. And the variety of breeds here was fascinating.

Bharath Hegde

Beautiful place for those who are interested in farming.

Pai Deekshith

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