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Cow Cuddling

Cow Cuddling : Healing Therapy

We offer our patrons the benefits of the gentle and healing therapy of Cow Cuddling. Scientific research says that cuddling and hugging a cow helps cure depression in humans by stimulating touch receptors that release oxytocin, the social bonding hormone that reduces stress and anxiety. The therapeutic concept creates a wonderful bond between you and your cow. With their gentle movements, low heart rates and warm bodies, the experience of hugging is a blissful experience.

This meditative concept was introduced in the farmlands of Netherlands. It has been brought to Dakshin Kannada by the initiative of our visionary founder, G. Ramakrishna Achar, a keen animal lover.

Animals, especially cows understands all our feelings and gives us emotional support. According to a survey report from the U.S. department of health and human services pet therapy is the best way to cure depression, stress, anxiety, grief and loss.

Gau Pooja

  • In ancient Hindu mythology, a historical event known as Samudra Manthana took place, which involved great mystic power of Devas and Asuras to attain Amruta, the nectar of immortality. The churning of the ocean produced 14 Ratnas or mystical gems, that held its own unique powers.  
  • One such gem was the mother of cows, the wish-granting goddess – Kamadhenu. In the Vedas, it is said that Goddess Kamadhenu represents the cosmos and beholds all gods and holy beings residing within. The Kamadhenu gem was given to the sages by Brahma, to perform yajnas with her ghee and provide nutrition to the beings. 
  • Till today, her holy presence is praised by humans, showing devotion in the form of Gau pooja or the worship of the cows. Worship of Goddess Kamadhenu can bless us by wiping out bad karma, bestowing wealth and prosperity, resolving ancestral sins and fills it with positive energy removing any negative forces present.
  • Whithout Gomutra and Gomaya our devata karyas do not start and Maa Laxmi resides in Gomaya and Maa Ganga resides in Gomutra.
  • King Dilipa of Ikshwaku vamsha was childless. On vasishta maharshi’s advice he started to serve and worshipping the Nanadini and blessed with a child. Gou matha also helped Maharshi Vasishta in building up an army to fight a battle against Vishwamitra who wanted to take away Kamadhenu. As cow helps to remove poverty by giving health, wealth, comfort and positivity; and has the capacity to fulfill the desires, our ancestors used to perform puja as a symbol of gratitude.
  • Gou cuddling, Meditation: This is the era of tension, depression and stress!! Yes, the younger generation is living with electronic gadgets and has no connection with the nature and their selves and they feel as they are alone in the world. 
  • But when we start to live with the nature and animals we feel happy and the life becomes happy. Animals, especially cow understands all our feelings and gives us emotional support. According to a survey report from the U.S. department of health and human services pet therapy is the best way to cure depression, stress, anxiety, grief and loss.
  • Similar to meditation, hugging a cow can slow the heart beat rate and lower anxiety. It bring relaxation, reduce anxiety and help to understand what the inner capacity of human is? Cow cuddling has grown into a global health movement as a happy hug triggers the happy hormones and consequently reducing the stress hormons.

Gau Dhama Business Training

Do you love and respect Gau?

Do you want to dedicate your life in the care and nurturing of Gau?

Gau Dhama offers a One Day Workshop to entrepreneurs covering the knowledge of building and maintaining a cow shelter following ethical and natural cow rearing practices. This is a practical and hands-on training 24 Hour workshop beginning at 4am.

We guide you in the  administrative skills involved as well as train your staff to manage the farm. Our goal is to promote viable and moral practices of cow rearing and dairy production in the most humane way possible.


  • How to care of the Gau
  • The different breeds of Gau, their qualities and selection
  • How to sweeten milk with correct selection of fodder
  • How to grow fodder and more…

Gau Seva

From the beginnings of civilization, human race has been attaining prosperity, happiness, health, prestige and auspiciousness by serving Gaumata. Through selfless Seva or service by cleaning of their living area, cleaning of the cows and serving them fodder one can derive immense therapeutic value.

It is said that the one who serves Gaumata gets his wish fulfilled and is able to achieve whatever goal they have in life.

In Hindu mythology it is believed that all the deities reside in the body of a cow. Hence serving a cow means serving all the deities.

Birthday Celebration

We encourage children to start their birthday celebration with the blessings of Gau Matha. With a story of Punyakoti, narrated by our staff, the child is encouraged to learn about Gau Matha and is offered the chance to feed the Gau.

It is said that the blessings of a holy cow is ten fold for all the gods reside within a cow. Taking her blessings on a child’s birthday promotes good deeds and will ward off any obstacles.